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The European Vegetarian and Animal News Alliance (EVANA) has been created with the aim to inform about events in the animal-world and also about developments and trends touching the vegetarian community.

With this target in mind, EVANA monitors the international press on a regular basis and filters out the most recent news which are of relevance for those working for animals and also for vegetarians all over the world. However, since we do not believe in animal experiments, our policy is to disregard information about research involving animals.

The information is distributed in several languages.

Our service can be inserted automatically into websites of all organizations and individuals who want to offer daily news to their visitors. A comprehensive set of filters allows us to transfer just the right topics for your own special sphere of interest.

In case this scheme suits you, please contact us and let us know what themes and language you prefer. Just send us your e-mail and we’ll be happy to propose an EVANA-service made-to-measure for your special purpose.

However, the versatile EVANA-project is not just a one-way-street: we are also ready to distribute your news, press-releases, campaign-details, events etc. to an international audience.

EVANA wants to builds bridges across national boundaries and to bring all those together who follow the same philosophy: the defence of animals.

Your questions, proposals and comments are welcome!

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Your EVANA Team
info (at) evana.org

EVANA holds neither liability nor responsibility for materials attributed to any other source. Such information is provided as reportage and dissemination of information but does not necessarily reflect EVANA's opinion or endorsement.

Veganer Döner in Winterthur
Hier gibt es alles, was Veganer und Umsteiger begehren: vom Vegan-Döner bis zu Yams-Riesengarnelen und bunter Seife im Tortenformat.
Restaurant Abyssinia
Le restaurant a ouvert il y a peu et offre des plats végétaliens à la carte.
Le restaurant a ouvert il y a peu et offre des plats végétaliens à la carte.
Étoiles à la cannelle
Gourmandise de fêtes 100% végétalien.
Noël végétarien
Pensez aux animaux lors de la fête de l’amour
Dr Laurence Froidevaux
Zum Fest der Liebe auch an Tiere denken
Giftstoffe in tierischen Produkten
Das Bundesamt für Gesundheit (BAG) hat einen neuen Bericht zu den Schadstoffen in Lebensmitteln veröffentlicht.
Telomere sind Enden der DNA, welche die Chromosomen in den Zellen schützen. Sie verkürzen sich im Laufe des Alters kontinuierlich. Man kann an ihrer Länge das Alter (oder Krankheitsanfälligkeit) ables
Al Gore
Der Klimaaktivist, der mit seinem Dokumentarfilm "An Inconvenient Truth" über die Folgen des Klimawandels aufmerksam machte, sorgt erneut für Schlagzeilen
Crème courge - marrons
Cadeaux maison de la cuisine automnale
Eating healthy
formation pour futurs activistes de l'ASV ainsi que toute personne intéressée à l'alimentation végétarienne

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