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Italy: Cruelty Free Web Radio, a Voice for the Voiceless

Banner CFWR In July 2010 a new radio station was launched in Italy: the Cruelty Free Web Radio (CFWR).

Its very first live report was broadcast on 16 July from La Spezia (a small city about 200 km from Milan with one of the most important harbours in Italy) when the famous Sea Shepherd's ship “Steve Irwin” arrived for a brief visit.

CFWR was created with the aim of promoting events and collecting information about veganism, animal rights and the environment. It uses every medium available on the Internet: Video- and audio-streaming, articles, newsletters, and social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Of course, the main asset of this ambitious project is the spirit and passion of its volunteers.

The slogan states: “we only wanna do our share to make the world better”.

CFWR offers precious help for people who seek information about adoptions, creative vegan cooking and nutrition, news and book reviews, trends and developments, art, cinema and music, live events and petitions, interviews, etc. In short, CFWR’s priorities are entertainment, ethics and culture.

This unique radio channel is broadcasting music and concerts by artists who create and distribute their works in a free and legal way (using the Creative Commons license). Moreover, free systems allow to discover operating modes, office packages and other software to download legally and for free from the net, which can be used by public administrations to save money and enjoy a better service.

CFWR volunteers want change and believe that information is one of the fastest roads to touch hearts and minds and to teach fundamental knowledge about the world we live in, and about the best ways to respect nature and animals.

(Preferably vegan) artists like singers and musicians, but also writers, photographers, and painters etc. interested in cooperation are most welcome.

Since the beginning of September the CFWR websites offers also latest news and important general information, but unfortunately only in Italian.

This ingenious CFWR system is a great example to follow also in other countries.

Source: Cruelty Free Web Radio
Author: Stefano Forgione

Link: contact

Date: 2010-09-15


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