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Brigitte Bardot: 'I became aware of the horror of factory farming,

live transports and the killings of farm animals and refused to be involved in such inhuman industrial deaths'

Interview Brigitte Bardot - Primorske Novice, Slovenia

November 2009

Primorske Novice: What would you do if you weren't answering my questions right now?.

Brigitte Bardot: A lot of other things and since I have to take care of my animals and all those that are abused I cannot give you a lot of time.

Question: You used to correspond with our late president Mr. Janez Drnovšek. How do you remember him?

BB: We had some extremely pleasant exchanges of which I have a fond memory. Janez Drnovšek was an example of a fine man because he understood that humans cannot behave like tyrants with animals.

Question: You suggested having a national vegetarian day to French president Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy. Were you successful?

BB: Nicolas Sarkozy is not Janez Drnovšek. I met him twice and he made some promises and I am still waiting for him to keep them. Regarding the vegetarian day, it was a symbolic initiative, a kind of wake-up call about the consequences of animal breeding. I am not talking only about the environmental effects but also about the cruelty of factory farming. All these animals are put in cages, never see the sun or grass, and they leave this hell only to go to the slaughter-house. For me intensive breeding is a sign of human degeneration. If one can find that acceptable, then we humans have lost all moral value.

Question: Do you expect Mr. José Manuel Barroso will listen to you?

BB: It is essential that he understands because animal farming needs to be questioned as it very strongly contributes to global warming, involves serious pollution and plunders our natural resources. For example, water is used for the production of cereals intended to feed animals that in turn will be eaten by humans. That is a terrible waste. Just think that according to the report «World’s water 2008-2009», it takes … 16.000 liters of water to produce 1 kilo of hamburgers!

Question: How long have you been a vegetarian?

BB: Since 1962, when I went on French television to denounce conditions of animal slaughter. That is when I became aware of the horror of factory farming, live transports and the killings of farm animals. I have always been sensitive to animal distress but from then on I refused to be involved in such inhuman industrial deaths.

Question: What do you think about people who wear fur?

BB: The women who wear fur these days are idiots. Wild animals are bred in small cages where they go crazy because they cannot lead any kind of natural lives. They are imprisoned in concentrated breeding farms. Minks are gassed, foxes are electrocuted… this complete industry is cruel, barbaric and absolutely useless.

Question: Which one of your fellow actresses do you like most?

BB: I am not interested any more in the cinema and actresses but I find Isabelle Adjani wonderful.

Question: What is your greatest achievement in the year 2009?

BB: The year is not finished yet and I still hope for other victories but the most beautiful is certainly the adoption of the European rule prohibiting the import and trade of products resulting from seal hunts. In 1977, I traveled to the ice shelves and then informed the world about the massacre. This combat has become the symbol of my fight for animals. In 2006, I met the European Commissioner Stavros Dimas and asked him to draft a text and I am happy that his proposal could lead to the result we know today.

Question: How do you fill up your batteries?

BB: It is a very difficult combat, exhausting, but these few victories and all the animals saved from slaughterhouses by my Foundation give me the strength to continue.

Question: If you were a politician...

BB: Impossible, I am much too uncompromising, and diplomacy is not one of my best qualities….

Question: The world today is in crisis because....

BB: Because humans are selfish and treat creatures populating the globe as slaves whereas on the contrary it would be necessary to learn to respect others and how they are different. We must see that our planet is respected and protected instead of destroying it methodically. Humanity is frightening but, individually, there are wonderful people fighting against all these injustices. Therefore I launch an appeal to all your readers that they do not accept any longer all the sufferings inflicted on animals. I wish that Slovenians give homage to their former president by becoming vegetarians as well…. It seems that where there's life, there's hope, so I am going to hang in there.

Source: Brigitte Bardot: 'Slovenci, postanite vegetarijanci!'
Author: Alja Tasi

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Date: 2009-12-02