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Better late than never: The European Parliament accepts terms 'vegetarian' and 'vegan'

European V-label Texts adopted in the Plenary Session 16 June 2010/Strasbourg:

" The term ‘vegetarian’ should not be applied to foods that are, or are made from or with the aid of products derived from animals that have died, have been slaughtered, or animals that die as a result of being eaten. The term ‘vegan’ should not be applied to foods that are, or are made from or with the aid of, animals or animal products (including products from living animals). "

More information about labelling:

EU: MEPs set out clearer and more consistent food labelling rules
Food labels should feature mandatory nutritional information and guideline daily amounts, according to draft EU legislation as adopted by MEPs on Wednesday. However, they rejected a proposal for 'traffic light' values to highlight the salt, sugar and fat content of processed foods.... more

EU: Victory for food lobby as MEPs reject new labelling rules
MEPs caused outrage yesterday by rejecting a colour-coded system of food labelling which health campaigners said would inform consumers about levels of fat and sugar and halt rocketing levels of obesity. Instead of the traffic light labelling system devised by the UK Food Standards Agency, the MEPs backed the Guideline Daily Amounts (GDA) system favoured by food manufacturers.... more
EU/Food labels: rapporteur Renate Sommer speaks after vote/Defeat of traffic lights explained ... more

New EU rules require compulsory labelling of halal meat
...Campaigners say killing animals without stunning is unnecessary... MEPs voted by 559 to 54 for compulsory labelling of the religious slaughter of meat without stunning.... more

Source: EP - Texts adopted
Author: European V-label

Link: REPORT on the proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on the provision of food information to consumers/Amendment 175 Proposal for a regulation Article 35 – paragraph 6 a (new)
Link: The European Parliament Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety is considering a proposal for a regulation on ‘Food Information to Consumers’.
Link: The European V-Label guarantees V-products

Date: 2010-06-17

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German Agriculture Minister Aigner and FAO head Graziano da Silva urge international community to develop principles for responsible investments
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