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12 December 2012

Dear friends,

Some of you may have noticed that no EVANA Newsletters have been distributed for quite a while and we want to apologize for this delay. However, there is a simple reason: A growing lack of resources, which has developed into a real problem now.

EVANA has been collecting and distributing news since 2004 and never asked for donations; a small number of motivated people did the job. However, over time the system has quickly grown and now reached a level which demands additional help: In order to keep the news service going we need more volunteers.

That’s why we invite everyone interested in this international platform, NGOs and individuals alike, to join us.

We offer the possibility for groups to distribute information about their projects and campaigns, publish press releases, alerts and news about important topics. These postings will automatically appear on our various partner websites (1) in many parts of the world, thus offering an impressive international distribution-net for the vegetarian and animal welfare community.

It is also possible to adopt and develop one of our languages pages: Welcome!

And in case you have not already subscribed to the EVANA news service for your own website: that’s easily done ! We’ll be happy to help you, in case assistance is needed.

So in order to keep EVANA alive, all support and ‘donations’ of time are urgently needed and will be greatly appreciated!

The switch-over will take place next January.

We are hoping that by then we’ll have managed to build a new and more solid foundation for EVANA 2013+.

However, in case our attempt to widen the basis of cooperation should fail, we’ll be forced to discontinue the service altogether. That would be very regrettable, considering a respectable number of visitors and our successful news export to other websites (1)

Please drop us a line in case you can help: info@evana.org

In the meantime we’ll publish a number of great recipes for festive meals in different languages. Hopefully you’ll want to try some of them out for the upcoming Christmas reunions of family and friends, for which we wish you all the best!

We want to use this opportunity to thank you for your support and encouragement so far and hope to see you all again in 2013.


wishes your international EVANA Team

Source: EVANA
Author: Appeal

Link: Partners (1)

Date: 2012-12-12


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