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USA: Pink Slime anyone? And what about meat with antibiotics?

Bredehorn.J pixelio.de

How far can animal exploitation go before tables are turned?

10 April 2012

While consumers are getting increasingly suspicious, the meat industry goes to great lengths in an effort to calm an uproar with all the makings of ruining comfortable profit margins. But will it work? Can the statement that the 'finished product contains only a trace of ammonia' really appease parents who suspect 'pink' burgers on the school menu of their children?

And what about the threat of even more slaughter and consequently greater environmental damage as a consequence of massive meat-filler rejection? Can such statements really make pink mash more acceptable as food ingredient, even without any kind of labeling?

How will people react to the insinuation that planned restrictions of antibiotics for farm animals will also result in increased slaughter numbers in order to offset more deaths, leading to higher meat prices, job losses and crumbling export profits?

Can such fear-mongering increase trust? Not really! These whiny and defensive strategies seem to make people even less willing to grin-and-buy-it: The crowd of meat-doubters is growing in leaps and bounds!

Judging by the ongoing and quite determined boycott of pink slime, a new gate seems to be opening for a good, honest and objective look at food in general and meat in particular.

Could this development turn 'meat' itself into a driving power behind the vegetarian march? Could an unresponsive strategy by the industry bosses and their political allies become one of today's strongest pushes for vegetarianism?

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Source: The Website the Meat Industry Doesn't Want You to See
Author: EVANA

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Date: 2012-04-10


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