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USA: Pink Slime Meltdown

Sebastian Karkus  / pixelio.de

3 April 2012

What is the stuff capable of turning Joe the plumber and so many of his friends into an army of Goliaths successfully taking on the meat industry?

It is called Pink Slime, has been authorized for human consumption about a decade ago, and this is the way it is made.

The industry praises these meat bits, which not too long ago were reserved for pet food and as an ingredient for cooking oil, as 'lean finely textured beef' (LFTB) or 'boneless lean beef trimmings' (BLBT), yielding about 12 to 15 pounds of additional meat per animal corpse.

Today '70% of processed meat is full of the slime'. The U.S. Department of Agriculture considers this ammonia-treated pulp so safe that labeling is not required, even though some of it may stem from the most contaminated animal parts.

Some weeks ago 7 million pounds of the substance have been authorized for consumption in schools. Maybe US children have stronger stomachs than their friends in Canada where these additives are not permitted?

Experts describe the meat filler as 'an unappetizing example of industrialized food production', many fast food restaurants and supermarkets calmed public uproar by promising not to sell it any longer, and yet meat bosses and their political allies are still trying their best to make citizens eat it.

So far the promotion efforts did not work. On the contrary! There are very good chances that other meat products are now drifting into the line of fire from where they also risk sliding down the slimy slope.

Considering that one beef manufacturer was already forced to suspend operations at three of its four plants and that AFA Foods just filed for bankruptcy, it seems unrealistic to expect the slime-stigma to go away any time soon - if ever it will!

It has taken Joe and his friends just a few weeks to make meat bosses and politicians listen. What an impressive demonstration of the influence consumers can have. If they want to...!

Source: EAT MEAT & DIE
Author: EVANA

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Date: 2012-04-04

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