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EU: New Commission website on animal welfare education

Health and Consumer e-News (28-06-2010)

The EU is determined to widen the impact of education about animal welfare, partly as a response to the Treaty of Lisbon that defines animals as "sentient beings." Furthermore, concerns over animal welfare reflect the EU's own values of solidarity, respect, compassion, empathy and a sense of justice and consideration for others. Animal welfare is also part of the quality attributes that EU consumers are giving to animal products.

To this end, the European Commission has launched a new website on animal welfare education in order to support and further inform interested parties on the First International Conference on Animal Welfare Education, organised by the Commission and the Belgian Presidency of the European Union on October 1-2 in Brussels.

The website gives an in-depth view to education as a vital factor in raising awareness about the importance of animal welfare. It promotes education and provides easier access to learning programmes on animal welfare.

The website also offers the possibility of online registration to participants in the conference and up-to-date information on the latest news about the October event.

A special section of the website is dedicated to the online version of the animal welfare drawing contest for children from 6 to 13 years old, organised by the Commission as part of the One Health road-show that visits agricultural fairs and exhibitions across Europe. Children were asked to submit drawings illustrating what would make an animal happy and healthy. The winners will be invited in Brussels for the prizes awarding ceremony during the Conference in October.

The website can be accessed following this link: http://www.animalwelfare-education.eu/

Source: Animal Welfare Education
Author: EU:

Date: 2010-06-28

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