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EVANA and AgireOra wish Happy Easter!

1 April 2010

Easter will be truly happy only if we put an end to the atrocious slaughter of lambs!

Think for a second: the sight of lambs conveys tenderness to everybody, yet at the age of one month they are dragged from their mothers, forced to undergo long horrible journeys in overcrowded trucks, only to reach a filthy slaughterhouse where the terrified animals are immobilized, stunned, throat slit, hung from one leg and left to bleed to death, choking in their own blood.

Before their throat is slit, waiting their turn, they smell the blood and hear the screams of terror of the others in front of them.

And the reason? Because people like eating lamb! Nothing could be more futile; nothing justifies such suffering and death.

But YOU can make the difference! Don’t eat lamb at Easter!

Don’t eat any animals. Animals are all alike, like the dog or cat that you have at home or meet at your friends’ house. They all have feelings: fear, pain, and also joy, affection, love.

There is no justification for killing them. Learn how to develop "cruelty-free” eating habits.

Source: AgireOra
Author: AgireOra Network - EVANA

Link: Buona Pasqua... ma senza ammazzare nessuno! |

Date: 2010-03-31

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