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Belgium: Statement the City of Ghent chooses for Veggie Thursdays

WHEREAS the city of Ghent is one of the 370 European climate cities;

WHEREAS the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization in 2006 indicated the livestock industry as one of the major contributors to today’s environmental issues;

WHEREAS livestock industry is responsible for 18% of the greenhouse gas emissions in the world, which is more than the entire transport sector together;

WHEREAS 70% of global agricultural land is being used for the grazing of animals or for the cultivation of animal feed, and whereas 3 million hectares of forest are cleared yearly for meat consumption;

WHEREAS if every citizen of Ghent would leave out meat for one day a week, this would have the same beneficial effect on CO2-emission as taking 20.000 cars off the road;

WHEREAS recent studies and investigations have proven that by eating less meat, we can reduce our negative environmental impact;

WHEREAS studies have shown that the Flemish eat too much meat and not enough vegetables and fruits;

WHEREAS eating meat on a daily basis will increase the level of cholesterol, and increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, some cancers, diabetes and obesity;

WHEREAS eating a vegetarian meal one day a week has a positive impact on the health of humans as well as the planet’s;

I, the councilman of Environment and Social Affairs for the city council of Ghent, declare, on Wednesday the 13th of May 2009, in this city, Thursday officially to be Veggie day.

Councilman of Environment and Social Affairs
Tom Balthazar

May 13th 2009

Source: City of Ghent -Wikipedia
Author: Wikipedia

Link: Stad Gent (Dutch)
Link: Tom Balthazar, the deputy mayor of Ghent, explains why the city is going vegetarian

Date: 2009-06-24

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