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Open Letter by Brigitte Bardot: Abusive imprisonment of 10 animal activists in Austria:

Brigitte Bardot invites Mrs. Maria Berger not to become the Minister for Injustice!

Open letter, August 11, 2008, sent by Mrs. Brigitte Bardot to Mr. Hubert Heiss, Ambassador of Austria in France:

“Mister Ambassador,

You are aware of the great emotion, even indignation, of European citizens after the arbitrary arrest on May 21, when 10 Austrian animal advocates were imprisoned in an opacity worthy of a totalitarian regime.

Austrian organizations were scandalized by the violence of the police intervention and the seizure, in private apartments and offices, of many work files and computers.

These methods, unworthy of a democratic country, made Amnesty International react, and today I make a point of adding my voice to the many protests.

It is true that for a few months already animals advocates have been presented like dangerous terrorists, even criminals. This manipulation of public opinion is shocking, outrageous and more than misplaced.

Yes, our actions do disturb some economic interests, but is that a reason to soil and muzzle those who are committed to help beings without defense?

Violence is not our reality, on the contrary, we fight it with determination. Violence is in the blind, cruel and daily exploitation of millions of animals degraded to consumer goods, to research tools, and being denied their sensitive nature.

Mister Ambassador, I would like to know the reasons behind this paramilitary operation against animal advocates in your country. In the international community the feeling is growing that a political operation is disguised as legal case. I would also like to know how the still imprisoned people are doing.

Lastly, please inform Mrs. Maria Berger of my hope that she will do all in her power to restore confidence in the impartiality of the Austrian justice, in the principle of ‘innocent until found guilty’ and in the right to defense. I hope that by this dirty affair Mrs. Berger will not become the Minister for Injustice!

I count on you and wait for your answer.

Brigitte Bardot, President”

More information about this issue

By this intervention, the Foundation Brigitte Bardot is supporting the 10 imprisoned Austrian militants and generally all peaceful activists who are at the moment subjected to continuous, coarse and scandalously disproportionate attacks.

Contact Foundation Brigitte Bardot:
Mr. Christophe Marie
Coordinator Office Animal Protection
Tel. 01 45 05 94 58/06 74 88 80 81

Source: Fondation Brigitte Bardot
Author: Translation EVANA

Date: 2008-08-11


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