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India/Bangalore: '...innocent and friendly dogs are being butchered ...'

Columnist calls for examination of Bangalore's dog problem

March 2007

Dr.Chinny Krishna: I started my journalistic career in 1964 as the Editor of the Blue Cross Newsletter and its magazine (not published now due to a paucity of funds) - The Animals' Voice. I was proud to mention my journalistic past in my CV but not any more. The reports I have read in the Bangalore newspapers, shows that most of the journalists there are not letting facts stand in the way of a "good story".

There have been notable exceptions, one of them being Mr. Hiranmay Karlekar of the Pioneer.

There are stories and there are facts. As a father, I deeply empathise with the parents of the two children who were killed by dogs in Bangalore in January and March. Highly literate the journalists in Bangalore may be, but those who reported on these cases are hardly educated. The fact is that Sivalingiah, the father of the child who died in January, laid the blame squarely at the feet of the authorities who allowed the illegal and unregulated mutton stalls where the dogs had gathered. The fact is that this happened because of corrupt civic and government officials who knowingly allowed these stalls to come up and continue because they were bribed to do so.

Someone once said that lies and untruths travel halfway around the world before truth gets a chance to put its shoes on. Irresponsible journalism at its most sensational led to a wave of hysteria where innocent and friendly dogs are being butchered by roving gangs of thugs imported from Kerala.

The bond that has existed for 14,000 or more years between man and dog has been broken several times and in all cases only by one party. This beastly behaviour must stop and we must learn to be more like the animals who have put so much trust in us.

It is time the silent majority woke up and cry halt to this senseless madness. As a Bangalorean myself, I hang my head in shame at what is going on. Dogs are being picked up and hundreds are being locked up in crowded conditions. Many have waited on trucks for 24 hours without food and water. The fact is that the dogs that get caught first are the most docile and friendly ones. And in all this madness, let us not forget those who took up this work which should have been done by the Government and which responsibility the Government abdicated.

They have toiled at great cost to themselves to do something which the Government failed to do. And the same corrupt Government officials now have the gall to suggest that the NGOs failed.

Dr. S. Chinny Krishna
Former Vice Chairman - Animal Welfare Board
Government of India

Delhi protests Bangalore culling of strays
Saturday, March 10, 2007 07:53:23 pm

Source: Dr.Chinny Krishna - e-mail

Link: Delhi protests Bangalore culling of strays
Link: Mindless killings/During the past several days Bangalore and Mysore have witnessed vicious outbursts of orchestrated hysteria against stray dogs

Date: 2007-03-09

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