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Israel: Establishment of Knesset Lobby for Animal Welfare

Dec 20, 2006

From: Uri Jaffe

English translation:

Uri Jaffe-the Chairperson of "Noah"-The Federation of Animal Protection Societies welcomed the establishment of the Knesset "Lobby for the Protection of Animals".

"The life of the citizens of Israel is healthier when diseases are prevented and when there is an awareness of helpless animals." This was the re-action of Uri Jaffe to the first meeting of the "Knesset Lobby for Animal Welfare". The Chairperson welcomed the Lobby which is chaired by Knesset Member Yoel Hasson (Kadima).

The Lobby's first meeting was attended by Knesset Members, Representatives of Government Ministries, Animal Welfare Societies, Veterinarians and invited guests.

"Noah" believes that the Society's duty is to prevent the ill-treatment of animals. "To this end we are active in promoting relevant legislation. The past ten years has seen much progress but there is still considerable work ahead".

"Noah" was founded 15 years ago and aims to unite all Israeli Societies to promote positive legislation that will result in the improving of the "Quality of Life of all Animals". Noah embraces over 25 Societies which represent the overwhelming majority of Animal Welfare Societies in Israel. To this end during the past year the representatives of "Noah" have met many Knesset Members.

The Lobby's first meeting discussed the state of the Municipal Pounds in Israel. In these pounds 30,000 dogs are killed every year. "Noah" maintains that the present functioning of these Municipal Pounds does not enable proper care and suitable treatment of the animals. "Those few places that have appositive approach have proved that animals can be humanely treated and thus re-habilitated. There is an urgent need to correct the legislation that will enable humane and efficient treatment of homeless animals who are dependent on humans for their future".

The Municipal Pounds receive animals every day that are seized by the authorities. A considerable percentage are lost from homes or worse are abandoned by their owners. Without the electronic chip identification it is well-nigh impossible to trace the owners. Most of the Pounds are over-crowded and fit the expression-"life of a dog"! The cage are without heating and certainly do not meet the definition of "home"! Thus the dogs await "adoption" or in many cases death.

Uri Jaffe emphasized the fact that many believe that the treatment of dos is better than that of other animals. "In fact "The Conspiracy of Silence" vis-a-vis animals:
-the lack of progressive legislation
-almost non-existent educational programs
-the non-implementation of existing legislation
all makes for a vulnerable situation. Thus the whole "climate" between man and dogs is affected! On the other hand kennels that work in harmony with the Societies are successful in finding "healthy homes" for "healthy dogs". The complete opposite picture is those kennels that behave in an atrocious manner before some are adopted and others are killed without compassion!

Unfortunately there are few Pounds that care for the welfare of the Animals. In the majority of Municipal Pounds there is massive killing every year of thousands of dogs without compassion or educational and social values and at great financial cost. To-day's law is based on the British Law of 1934 and is completely unsuitable to Israel of 2006! There is no reality that compels the Municipalities to adopt a humane approach in the handling and caring of animals.

In conclusion Jaffe emphasizes the urgent need for a net-work of "shelters" that would be in accord with the size of the area served and the population. It is vital to train a suitable staff and ensure implementation and supervision of humane treatment.

"Around the world there are examples of suitable comprehensive legislation that includes human responsibility. There are countries that have successfully implemented these laws. With a united effort and correct activity by all of us we can change the distorted situation!"

Establishment of Knesset Lobby for Animal Welfare

Source: Link to the Original message article in hebrew

Date: 2006-12-21


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